SLanning Frame 220Susan Lanning is the author of Harper’s Bluff, The Danesboro Line, The Day of the Beast, Imperfect Union and now Granite Justice and Ghost Tree, the first two books in her Belle Evans mystery series. Susan is an English teacher from Ohio, having retired in Arizona with her husband Bruce. She is the mother of two children and grandmother of five.

Susan started writing in her thirties when she was a stay-at-home mom. She loved to read but was often disappointed in the novels. So instead of complaining about others, she decided to write one herself.

Her first attempt was such an enjoyable experience that she wrote another and another, meanwhile reading everything she could get her hands on about the craft. To date, Susan has written 16 entire novels and half a dozen partials. And since the writing was more fun than trying to get published, she concentrated on the former.

Winner of several writing contests and most recently the Inland Empire California Writing Contest in fiction, Susan has now published five of her novels. She’s sold a number of copies and has gotten excellent reviews on her writing, making her feel that it was all worthwhile. In between gardening and having fun with her grandchildren, she is working on the second book in her mystery series. “Doing what you love keeps you young,” she says.